Cédric Caillaud - pic 1

Swinging The Melody

Parisian bass player Cédric Caillaud has very original and specific ideas about how to expand on the tradition. “There are ...
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Tom van der Zaal 1

Zing went the strings of his heart

Lyrical alto saxophonist and canny jazz entrepreneur Tom van der Zaal thought big and cooked up an album with strings ...
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Alvin Queen

King Queen pt. 2

Here’s part 2 for you and yours, Alvin Queen talking about his stint with Horace Silver, the European continent of ...
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King Queen

King Queen (pt.1)

Survivor. Last of the Mohicans. Royalty. Alvin Queen signed, sealed and delivered his statements in classic jazz. In part 1 ...
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The New York Second @Mascini

Some Other Time

More and more jazz lovers find the road to the conceptual jazz city of Dutch pianist Harald Walkate, whose band ...
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Pierre Boussaguet2

My Man With The Cassette

Nowadays Pierre Boussaguet writes arrangements for classical ballets and is finishing a record of songs and lyrics besides being a ...
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Photography: Joke Schot

Shaw ‘Nuff!

On audience with Jarmo Hoogendijk, trumpeter that reminisces on the impact of befriending Woody Shaw and sophisticated teacher that found ...
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Photography: Karin van Gilst

The Night Trippers

Trumpeter Ellister van der Molen finally fulfilled her dream of visiting the prominent cradle of jazz, New Orleans. “Being in ...
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Mike LeDonne

Funk You Too!

Mike LeDonne's love affair with the organ goes back to his childhood. "I love to make people dance. Well, at ...
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Carlo de Wijs

Dutch Design

Carlo de Wijs is crazy. Not as a bat but as the fanatic organist that is dying to take the ...
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Eric Alexander

Take Three with Eric Alexander

Eric Alexander picks some of his favorite recordings. "Do you want to go on a two-month vacation to discuss?! lexander, artist-in-residence ...
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Greg Lewis

Organin’ In

Gregory Lewis is Organ Monk, a passionate champion of the dazzling catalogue of Thelonious Monk. “I hummed his melodies by ...
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Ferry Knijn Fotografie 2015

Song For My Kids

Charming, talkative Peter Guidi guides us through his adventuresome career as flutist, saxophonist, bandleader and educator. “I teach my students ...
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Gary Smulyan

Chasin’ The Bari

A meeting with baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan isn’t complete without a mention of Encounter!, the masterpiece of his all-time bari ...
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Ruud Breuls - Robert Roozenbeek Photography

Ready For Rudy

Ruud Breuls, sideman par excellence and trumpeter in the renowned German WDR Big Band, lives and breathes straightforward modern jazz, ...
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Guido Tazelaar

Gideon’s Bible

Saxophonist Gideon Tazelaar, 19 years old, is one of Holland’s major jazz talents. Leaving his options open for the next ...
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Eric 'Premier' Ineke

Stable Mate

In 1966, the 19-year old, jazz-addicted drummer Eric Ineke sat watching Elvin Jones at the legendary Five Spot Cafe in ...
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Maja Lemmen, background portrait of Porgy founder Frank Koulen

Family Affair

Manager Maja Lemmen (70) has been taking care of business at the Dutch jazz club and cultural theatre Porgy & ...
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Rein de Graaff 2

Rein’s Dream

At the distinguished age of 73, pianist Rein de Graaff preserves a childlike enthousiasm for his trade, which he typifies ...
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Prophet - Swingsation

Pistol Speaks

Dominique Jennings Brandon fondly remembers her father, the artist Richard Slater Jennings, a.k.a. “Prophet”, known among jazz fans for the ...
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Take Three with Jasper van Damme

“I’m not planning to be a bandleader just yet. I guess I’m still hanging in between the non-conformism that is ...
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BRUUT! Jump - door Maarten van der Kamp

Take Three with Bruut!

Bruut! Noun; brute; bully; (slang) master, dope, heavy, da bomb – ‘brute sneakers, man’ or ‘listen to Wayne Shorter in ...
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Take Three with Rob Agerbeek

In 1976 Dutch-Indonesian pianist Rob Agerbeek was recommended to tour Europe with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. Agerbeek had strong doubts ...
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Benjamin 2 by Frank Hanswijk

Take Three with Benjamin Herman

Our ears have been attuned to alto saxophonist Benjamin Herman’s suave and spirited jazz hodgepodge for more than two decades ...
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DJP Arno Krijger  581

Take Three with Arno Krijger

It takes some power of adjustment when coming upon that grittiest of instruments, the Hammond organ, in a clean-cut suburb ...
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Take Three with Hans Mantel

Put Hans Mantel, bassist, jazz historian and radio host in a chair, ask him one question about hard bop, and ...
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