François van de Linde

Ever since my teenage years I’ve been collecting vinyl, loving and enjoying the art of modern jazz and sixties music in particular. Classic sleeve design makes my heart skip a bee. Flophouse Magazine is dedicated to the distinctive genre of American jazz in the fifties and sixties that grew out of bebop, blues and church and opened up in a variety of directions, which is commonly referred to as hard bop – with an extensive nod to soul jazz and Hammond grooves. Flophouse Magazine shines a light on both legends and underappreciated heroes, landmark recordings and obscure releases.

I hope you enjoy my reviews, interviews and some extra-curricular stuff that Flophouse Magazine is ‘talkin’ about’ as well. I’m not a seller. It’s strictly for kicks. May the flame of classic jazz keep burning!

Some of my fictional work - a novel, short stories, poetry - is published in The Netherlands. I work a day job and write about jazz in the evening, when the sun goes down.


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