Mystery Man

If you’d care to take a listen to the trumpet player on Harold Land’s 1960 album The Fox without knowing the line-up, you’d undoubtly ask yourself the question: “Who the hell is this guy?! He’s brilliant.” He’s Dupree Bolton, a mystery man of modern jazz if ever there was one. On the outstanding album of tunes by Harold Land and pianist Elmo Hope – it’s a major league hard bop fest, Read the review here – Dupree Bolton, who’d appeared on the scene from nowhere, displayed chops and fireworks on par with the likes of Clifford Brown, Howard McGhee and Lee Morgan. Bolton only recorded just once after that on Curtis Amy’s Katanga (1963) – click for some great live footage here What happened to Bolton? Why did he vanish into obscurity instead of becoming a new great kid on the block? Jazz historian Ted Gioia asked the question in 2009 and did a great job finding out. Read his article here Bolton passed away in 1993.

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