Cuber On Camera


The late baritone great Ronnie Cuber was a popular guest in European studios, clubs and on the continent’s many festivals. Here are some pictures from the Skeppsholmen festival in Stockholm in 1990 from the collection of Jan-Erik Karlsson.

Jan-Erik Karlsson is a Swedish jazz fan and major collector. He also took a lot of pictures in clubs and during festivals like the Skeppsholmen festival in Stockholm. We got to talking when he put one photograph of Ronnie Cuber up on FB and kindly sent me a couple more from his private collection. Jan-Erik says that the year of Cuber’s performance in Skeppsholmen was probably 1990.

(Cuber and Jan-Erik Karlsson)

Thanks, Jan-Erik!

Ronnie Cuber

See many more pictures of jazz legends on one of Jan-Erik’s Instagram pages here.

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