Talking To Myself


Equally energetic as his late father, Patrick Manzecchi asserts himself in a solo setting.

Feelings of desperation were palpable during the pandemic. There you are, suddenly on your own. Yes, modern technology allows you to play in realtime with a bassist in Tirana or Baltimore or Kyoto. It’s cool but it’s different. Life’s a struggle, then again the serenity of the lockdown is inspiring and you get fresh ideas… like drummer Patrick Manzecchi, whose passion for drums remained undimmed and who recorded various rhythms all by himself, hence the title of his new album: Talking To Myself.

It’s a collection of titles as Challenge, Memories, Conflict, Patience and Gratitude, as Manzecchi explains in the booklet, insights and perspectives… ranging from doubts and conflicts to love and peace… By no means an ego trip, Manzecchi instead explores concise beats, variating with dynamics and colors and including bells and even toys. He knows the meaning of space. By its very nature, Talking To Myself is an acquired taste, which can’t be said of Rectilinear from 2016, Manzecchi’s trio session with pianist Richie Beirach and bassist Jens Loh. Pre-Covid spirited post-bop that includes hi-octane interpretations of Nardis and All Blues and a couple of suave original compositions.

Konstanz-based Manzecchi cooperated with Barry Harris, Teddy Edwards, Sheila Jordan, Scott Hamilton, Gary Smulyan and Bobby Watson to name a few. He is the son of Franco Manzecchi, who played with Chet Baker, Eric Dolphy, Clark Terry, Lou Bennett, René Thomas and many others. It’s all in the family. Patrick dedicated Talking To Myself to his father, who passed away in 1979. Perhaps talking to himself invariably means talking with his great drummer dad as well.

Patrick Manzecchi

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