Hammond Happening


The Hammond organ has been a powerful force in the world of rock, pop and soul for decades. Either as a hot-tempered kick in the butt or restrained accompaniment, it is the glue between sections of many successful songs. And regardless of a few ups and downs, the organ has been a popular (soul) jazz instrument since the late 50s. The sound of the B3 and the Leslie speaker is gritty, warm, sensuous.. it’s a madly-in-love couple, dancing in the street… And the resurgence of the Hammond organ is ongoing and striking.

At the Hammond Happening, which will take place at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on February 2, you will be able to indulge yourself in four Dutch/Belgian organ groups. There will be performances by the rebellious Orgel Vreten, contagious funk jazz group Montis, Goudsmit & Directie, futuristic, cross-medial New Hammond Sound Project and the cutting edge trio of Toine Thys featuring Arno Krijger.

Instigator and organist of New Hammond Sound Project, Carlo de Wijs, will lecture on innovation and his Modular Hammond.

We give away 2×2 tickets for this wonderful occasion. Give it a shot? Send a mail to info@flophousemagazine.com, Sunday, January 26 at the latest. Please mention “Hammond Happening” as the subject and add your name and your favorite organ record (because we would love to know!) in the message. You will be notified before Wednesday, January 29.

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